Where to start? (estimated time: 5 min.)

  • Sign up here for your free trial account.
  • You will receive an email providing your account information after completing the form.
  • Click the link in the email to log into your account and get started.

First integration activation (estimated time: 5-10 min.)

  • You are now able to activate a integration. We recommend starting with AWS.
  • Check out the Netuitive overview video.
  • Follow the instructions provided at the top bar to guide you in activating various features.

Add Additional Integrations (estimated time: 15-30 min.)

Add AWS Cost Integration (if applicable) (estimated time: 10-15 min.)

  • Activate the AWS Cost integration, which allows us to collect your AWS billing informating from an S3 bucket using read-only permission.
  • The cost data will be analyzed in conjuction with resource utilization measurements to help you reduce your AWS bill by right-sizing or dynamically allocating AWS resources.

Complete the configuration (estimated time: 30 min.)

  • Our product comes loaded with pre-defined policies and preset configurations.
  • Create your custom dashboards.
  • Build a policy to generate events.
  • Enable one of our many types of notifications.