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Utilization Boxplot

The Utilization Boxplot report uses boxplots to provide simple visualizations of each of your element's utilization. The types of boxplots shown in a Utilization Boxplot report is controlled by optional filters. Filters allow you to narrow the elements displayed by element name, element type, element tags, and element attributes.

Boxplots are a standard way of displaying a distribution of data based on five values: the minimum, the lower quartile (25th percentile), the median, the upper quartile (the 75th percentile), and the maximum. Interquartile range (IQR) is the range between the lower quartile and upper quartile, represented by the width of the boxplot. The image below shows where each value is displayed in a boxplot.

Image   Click the icon to expand an image outlining the basic layout of the Utilization Boxplot report.

Refer to the image above when reading the following:

  1. Filters: Contains several filters where you can search for element names, element types, tags, attributes, collectors, and more. Expand the More filter to see additional filters; select a filter to add it to the list of active filters.
  2. Graph: Displays the Utilization Boxplots for the selected metric and elements. Scroll over a boxplot to view the element it represents, as well as the minimum, lower quartile, median, upper quartile, and maximum values for that element's utilization metric within the specified Time Frame setting.
  3. View Options: Use View Options to specify the utilization metric that's used to provide the details in the graph; the number of boxplots displayed; sort boxplots by max, upper quartile, median, lower quartile, min, or interquartile range (IQR); and specify if the boxplots should be listed in ascending or descending order. See the following topics for more information on utilization metrics available for elements generated by some of the integrations Netuitive provides:
  4. Time Frame Controls: The Time Frame controls the range of data displayed. To refresh data, click the refresh button.Selecting "1w" in the Time Frame displays the most recent week of data and/or elements. By selecting "Ending Now," you can specify a range of data beginning with a date other than today. For more information, see Time Frame.
    Important   The number of elements displayed on the Utilization Boxplot Report is sensitive to the time frame setting i.e. an element that was available a week ago but not available now would show on the list when 1w is selected.