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EC2 Cost

Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) Cost report is a multi-dimensional report that provides five separate views that uniquely display the cost of each (or the sum) of your EC2 instances. With this report, you can easily identify instances that are costing you the most and compare that against utilization, type of instance, other elements, or other tags. You will also be able to identify how much each different state of instance (e.g., Reserved, On-Demand) is costing you. If your EC2s have custom tag, you can use these to group the costs. The EC2 Cost Report is generated once per week, so it may take up to 7 days before your first report is available.

There are two versions of the report:

  • If you just have an AWS integration in Netuitive then you will see the Estimated EC2 cost report. We can estimate instance costs based on current list prices and simple assumptions to fill in missing information. For a more accurate view including reservations, data transfer costs, iops guarantees and other account specific charges, you can add an AWS Cost integration that allows Netuitive to use your actual billing files from AWS.
  • If you have both an AWS and AWS Cost integration, then you will receive the true EC2 cost report based on your billing files.
Note   If you've just set up an AWS or an AWS Cost integration, it will be a while before you can view a report. A splash screen will take the place of the report until Netuitive can generate one.

Full EC2 Cost Report

The full EC2 cost report reads 7 days of billing data associated with the EC2s monitored by Netuitive. The costs are aggregated, simplified, and reduced to the following categories for each EC2 element:

Type Cost Description
Hourly Instance Fees On-Demand Instance Hourly fee for an on-demand instance
Spot Instance Hourly fee for a spot instance
Reserved Instance Hourly fees for partial upfront or no-upfront reserved instances
Amortized Upfront Reservation Fee Amortized upfront fees for partial upfront or all-upfront instances **
Dedicated Instance Hourly fee for a dedicated instance
Instance EBS Optimized Charge Hourly incremental fee for EBS optimized instances (applies to certain instance types)
Instance Dedicated Charge Hourly incremental fee for dedicated host
Data transfer costs* Data In - InterZone Costs for data transfer to/from another AWS service in another availability zone or peered VPC in the same region
Data In - InterRegion Costs for data transfer to/from another AWS service in another region
Data In - PublicIP Costs for data transfer to/from another AWS service via a public or elastic IP address
Data In - Internet Costs for data transfer to/from the EC2 from/to the internet
Data In - CloudFront Costs for data transfer to/from the EC2 via CloudFront
Other Other data transfer costs (e.g., Direct Connect)

Estimated EC2 Cost Report

The estimated EC2 cost report uses 7 days of metric results and the current list prices to estimate element instance costs associated with the EC2s monitored by Netuitive. The estimated report does not include data transfer costs and assumes all instances are on-demand.

EC2 Cost Report Usage

For more information on Amazon's EC2 Pricing structure, go here.

Image   Click the icon to expand an image outlining the basic layout of the EC2 Cost report.

Refer to the image above when reading the following:

  1. Filters: Contains several filters where you can search for element names, element types, tags, attributes, collectors, and more. Expand the More filter to see additional filters; select a filter to add it to the list of active filters.
  2. View Options: Select a Report View to change the type of graph displayed. Also create Data filters, which create rules to filter the list of elements displayed in the graph. If multiple filters are defined, then all filters must apply for an element to be shown. Select a filter (varies depending on the report view), an operation (<, >, ≤, ≥, =), and a number. The other options in this section vary by Report View.
    Note   The same filters apply on any report view as Netuitive is filtering the underlying elements before the data is grouped into the presentation.
  3. Summary Table: Summary of all the data displayed in the graph above. Click Download to download the summary information to share with others who don't have access to Netuitive.
    Tip   Click a column header to sort the table; the graph will update to reflect your sort order.
  4. Graph: The graph varies depending on the Report View you have selected. Below the graph is the legend; you can click any of the legend items to disable / enable them on the graph.
  5. Totals: Your total number of EC2s (in Netuitive) as well as their cost is displayed here. If you've filtered the EC2s using the panel described in 1 then these values will reduce accordingly.
  6. Time Frame: The EC2 Costs are calculated across seven-day periods. You may be able to choose from several stored report periods in this drop-down.

Report Views

Below is an overview of each type of Report View. Expand the section to view detailed information.

Tip   You can click and drag across a section of the graph to zoom in.