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Policy Editor

Policy Editor allows you to create, edit, delete, enable, and disable policies. You can also use Policy Editor to enable and disable notifications.

Important   You can only edit policies that correspond to active datasources.

Accessing Policy Editor

  1. On the main navigation menu, click Policies.
  2. Select New Policy to create a new policy or click on an existing policy to edit its settings.

The image below shows the basic layout of the Policy Editor.

  1. Policy Editor Navigation: From here you can select Scope, Conditions, Notifications, or Description and set up each to define your policy.
  2. Enabled: Select this box to enable or disable a policy. Disabled policies will not trigger events or notifications.
  3. Policy Summary: The Policy Summary section in the Policy Editor provides a quick look at the Scope, Conditions, and Notifications set for the selected policy. Netuitive displays an icon when a condition, the scope, and/or a notification is invalid or incomplete.

For more information about creating a new policy with Policy Editor, see creating a new policy.