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Duration and Conditions


Duration is the consecutive length of time for which all the conditions in a policy must be met before an event or other optional notification is created. The default setting for metric condition duration is 5 minutes; the default (and only) setting for external event condition duration is real-time. Because Netuitive aggregates data on five-minute cycles, the duration for metric conditions must be at least 5 minutes.

Example(s)    For example, by setting the duration of Policy X to 10 minutes, an event will not be created in Netuitive until all the conditions in Policy X have been met for the same period of 10 consecutive minutes.


Conditions are customizable tests within a policy that are either true or false at any given time. Each metric condition can be applied to a single or multiple metrics associated with one or more elements; each external event condtion can be used to filter various parts of an event. Each policy can have an unlimited number of conditions. When all the conditions in a policy are met, the policy generates an event and other optional notifications.