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Pricing FAQ

  • How do you define a Host in your pricing?
    • A host is defined as a virtual (e.g., AWS EC2) or physical server independent of the number of CPUs and cores.
  • Is there a separate fee for the data collected from the Netuitive agent that is installed inside a virtual host, such as an EC2?
    • No. The price of the metrics collected from the agent installed inside an EC2 is included in the per-host fee for up to 150 metrics.
  • Do you charge additional fees for metrics that are collected from the middleware (e.g., RabbitMQ, Kafka), database (e.g., Cassandra, MySQL), or applications (e.g., Java, Ruby) that run on the host?
    • No. The metrics collected from the middleware, database, and application layers are included in the per-host fee (up to 150 metrics per host).
  • Is there a limit on the number of metrics that we can monitor with your per-host fee?
    • Yes. The current limit is 150 metrics per host.
  • How do you charge for hosts that are only present for a short time?

    • Our metering granularity is hourly, so your monthly bill is calculated based on the number of hosts that are active during each hour.

  • How do you charge for containers such as Docker?

    • We only charge a fee for the host, which includes the containers that run on that host.

  • Do you charge separately by product functionality such as analytics or cost savings report?

    • All of the currently available product features are included in the per-host fee though we reserve the right to charge for additional features in the future.

  • How do you price your Real User Monitoring (RUM) / Browser agent?

    • This agent is currently in Beta stage, so it is offered at no additional charge to customers who agree to participate in the Beta program. In the future, we expect the pricing to be based on volume of page views.

  • How do you charge for custom metrics?

    • If the custom data is sent alongside each host then it’s included in the per-host fee as long as the per-host metric count doesn’t exceed 150 metrics. You also have the option to create an independent group of custom metrics (e.g., business metrics) as a new group independent from a host. If you use this option, the group of metrics is priced similarly to a host for up to 150 metrics.

  • Do you have a pricing option for exceeding 150 metrics per server or group of custom metrics?

    • We are considering a standard and simple pricing option for hosts that need to have more metrics. As of now they are accommodated on our service platform; however, they are addressed on a case-by-case basis depending on the size.