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The Webhooks API allows you to use webhooks to send events to Netuitive. Sending events via the Webhook API can be used to generate external events in Netuitive's Event Explorer, meaning you could create policies based on the content of those messages. See external event policy conditions for more information.

Tip   To explore Netuitive's REST API and test some requests, go here.

Create an event

This method creates an external event in Netuitive.

Method POST URL https://api.app.netuitive.com/ingest/webhook/{apiId}
Parameters Required/Optional Description
body Optional Body parameter; your event message as a string.
apiId Required URL (path) parameter; your API key.

Input JSON Format for Request Header

Header Name Header Value
Content-Type application/json

Input JSON Format for Request Body

No strict format.

Important   The Webhook endpoint will take any text you place in the body and use it as the event message in Netuitive, so it's not necessary to include proper JSON formatting (unless you want your message to include brackets and attribute-value pairs).