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The Netuitive Browser agent monitors the performance of your total page response times using real user monitoring (RUM). This integration provides key performance metrics for DNS, Server Connection Time, Network Latency, DOM Processing Time, and much more by measuring the browser's full page loading lifecycle. A single browser integration can create elements for multiple URLs, allowing you to track your entire website without having to create multiple integrations. You can also pass in custom metrics. For more information, see the following articles on navigation timing and performance timing.




Note   After creating a browser integration, you will not need to create additional one. If you need to edit the integration or view the API key, navigate to the Integrations page under the user account drop-down menu and open the browser integration.

Additional Configuration Options


Note   In the following tables, the BASE column indicates whether there's a baseline band available for the metric, the CORR column indicates whether there's a contextual band available for the metric, and the UTIL column indicates whether the metric can be used as a utilization metric in the Utilization and Utilization Boxplot Reports.