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Widget Library

A variety of widgets are available to you in Netuitive. Expand the drop-down menu(s) for the desired widget(s) to see detailed configuration steps.

On widgets that contain metric charts, the Y-axis is populated with the best unit of measure associated with the metric (e.g, CPU Utilization measured in percent, Memory Usage in MB/GB). You are also able to change the unit displayed in the widget's settings. Find the particular widget setup instructions below for more information.

On widgets that list the element name, you may click the element name to open up a contextual menu where you can view the element's metrics or view the element's detail panel.

Important   For widgets that display elements, it's important to note that element counts are sensitive to the time frame setting i.e. an element that was available a week ago but not available now would show on the list when 1w is selected. More information on how the time frame affects widgets and dashboards is available below.

Configuring the Time Frame and Refresh Interval

Some widgets can be affected by the Time Frame setting and the Refresh Interval. See Editing a Dashboard for more information.